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Giant Manta Ray (Mobula birostris) by Karim Massoud

Ana M.López

Beneath the Surface: Karim Youssef’s Dive into Underwater Photography in Red Sea

Karim was born in a city over two hours from the sea. Despite his fear of deep water, he found a way to bond with the ocean. He turned what many would see as a disadvantage into a passion and career. Today, Karim is a diving instructor in the Red Sea. He not only guides visitors who go to enjoy the stunning underwater world but also shares its beauty with those who can't visit through his photography.
right fish for your aquarium

Ana M.López

Tips for Selecting the Right Fish and Invertebrates for a Natural Reef Ecosystem

When it comes to creating a natural reef ecosystem, understanding the delicate balance of this unique environment is crucial. A diverse reef tank is not just visually appealing, but it also contributes to the overall health and stability of the ecosystem. Fish, invertebrates, and corals in a reef ecosystem form a complex web of interactions. Certain fish species may rely on specific invertebrates for food, while others
jorge garcia interview

Marion Camusard

The Significance of Identifying Eagle Rays Through Their “Fingerprints”

Those animals just look like magnificent birds underwater. They are graceful, majestic and shy at the same time. But they have one common thing with us: their "fingerprints". Theirs are situated on their back. Even if in English they are called “eagle”, in some other countries, they have different names, like “leopard” in France or even “painted back” in Ecuador. Their specific black and white pattern is unique to each specimen. With more than 500 different species around the world, they are...
arturo telle interview

Ana M.López

Arturo Telle Thiemann: A Renowned Photographer and His Contribution to Marine Research

A lover of the sea, who since he was a child, unified his two great passions: the bottom of the sea and photography. There are a couple of details that often allow to easily identify my photos: a perfectly balanced composition and very elaborate lighting, which gives three-dimensionality to the images...
impacts of derelict fishing gear

Julie Maurer

Assessing the Impacts of Derelict Fishing Gear

Marine debris is a complicated global problem, but it is an important one that must be addressed to increase the sustainability of global fisheries. One of the most harmful types of marine debris is derelict fishing gear (lost or discarded), which threatens marine life and seafloor habitats like coral reefs since traps and nets can continue to catch fish and other marine life long after they have been discarded.
jorge garcia interview

Ana M.López

Inspiring people: George Garcia (@garsha18_photography)

I was born and raised in Southern California, not far from Newport Beach. After finishing college, I moved to Maryland where I attended medical school and accepted a commission in the US Army. After graduation, I moved to Hawaii to begin my surgical training at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu. Later...